Diplomes FT8 atorgats a EA3FHP


Diplomes FT8 (Digital Mode Club) atorgats a EA3FHP pels contactes realitzats en aquest nou i popular mode digital.

The FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8-DMC) was founded 12 July 2017 by Jo Engelbrecht, OE4VIE and Hannes Grünsteidl, OE1SGU (OE3SGU) after recognising a need for a club for FT8 users who would help newcomers and less-experienced operators to learn and improve about this fantastic mode. Within only 2 days we already got more than 100 members worldwide and the new award program was lauched with short time. Everyone with a love of FT8 is welcome to join our club. All FT8DMC members are eligible to participate in various club’s activities and award programmes.