MixW is the only logging program that includes Catalonia as a DXCC country

All existing amateur radio logging programs (except one) are wrong. All have a wrong DXCC countries/entities list. The only program that includes Catalonia is the MixW. Catalonia is a DXCC country. We require all developers of these logging programs to update them and include Catalonia.

The American Radio Relay League despises thousands of catalan radio amateurs who have signed the petition to include Catalonia in the DXCC countries list. The ARRL must recognize Catalonia as a DXCC entity/country. The ARRL is deaf and dumb. It is inadmissible that it does not respond to the request of thousands of catalan radio amateurs.

Catalonia, a nation of Europe from more than one thousand years, and the catalan radio amateurs has the right to ask the DXAC Committee to add Catalonia in the DXCC countries/entities list. We just would like to correct the historical injustice and draw the close attention of the DXAC Committee and the American Radio League (ARRL) board of directors to this fact.

Scotland, Balearic Islands, Ceuta & Melilla, Canary Islands, England, Wales, Man, Northern Ireland and Jersey counts as a separate countries in various contests and for various certificates. These territories are not independent states, like Catalonia. The only “argument” recalled in support of denying DXCC country status to Catalonia seems to be: “If we accord DXCC country status to Catalonia, we’ll be flooded by petitions to have the same status conferred on similar territories”.

Such a fear is baseless because there are few similar countries like Catalonia. There should consequently be no difficulty taking a decision to treat Catalonia as a DXCC country.

Despite the foregoing, Catalonia continues to be denied DXCC country status. This patently illogical and inequitable situation cries out for resolution, even if the unusual step of overriding the DX Advisory Committee’s recommendation has to be taken.

The ARRL board of directors would be remiss in carrying out its own duties as an elected body if it did not reserve to itself the right to reverse what it found to be a flawed finding by an advisory committee. A preferable path, of course, would be for the DXAC itself to reconsider the matter.

Therefore, we request the ARRL board directors, Mr. Richard A. Roderick (K5UR), President of the American Radio Relay League, grant DXCC country status to Catalonia.

We inform you that we have opened a campaign on change.org where more than two thousand Catalan radio amateurs have signed a petition requesting that Catalonia be recognized as a DXCC country.

Mr. Richard A. Roderick, the question is: Are you going to despise and ignore the majority (51%) of catalan radio amateurs?. Remember, decisions are made by people voting, not the ARRL.