The radio amateurs search engine is a dictatorship

Due to the restrictive policy, the bad practices and terrible forms of those responsible for QRZ.COM, we invite you to permanently delete this search engine for radio amateur, a search engine that systematically eliminates the official flag of Catalonia and also any sign of catalanity.

For some time now QRZ.COM has become a business that earns money with the personal data of thousands of amateur radio broadcasters around the world, data that really supports the service and which are privately owned by the amateur radio and in absolute belong to QRZ.COM as much as they are in the database.

We have no problem that this service be funded with donations and advertising, but what can be admitted in any way is that you do business in selling the data provided altruistically by radio amateurs around the world and then have to pay if they want to access these same data. Personal data are merchandise, raw material that leaves them free and for which they invoice enough money. It’s as if you saw in a market the used clothes you have given to an NGO.

The last play of QRZ.COM has been to charge for the data of radio amateurs to appear in third-party LOG programs and seeing that almost everyone is entering his data into this search engine to rub their hands thinking about converting what, at first it was a useful and free service for the entire community of amateur radio, in a profitable business for which everyone who needs information has to pay.

There is the case of a radio amateur who made a claim for having erased his data without his permission and received that response from the owner of the search engine Mr. Fred Lloyd (literal text)

QRZ.COM is a dictatorship, and we (the administrators of QRZ.COM) are the dictators.

Luckily there are alternatives, HamQTH is one of them with more than 1,300,000 users (QRZ.COM has a similar figure) and it is a laudable initiative that agrees with the spirit of all good amateur radio, sharing knowledge without a spirit of profit

Petr, OK2CQR has launched a completely free quest service. HamQTH finances with advertising and does not sell your data to third parties as does using the XML format. This format is the one used by the guard books to know the data of the correspondent from the Internet and that sells for 29.95 dollars a year. The service offered by is available in the most popular LOG programs and is rapidly becoming an adversary against the rule of the amateur radio AA7BQ who owns this dismal search engine that violates the rights of all catalan radio amateurs because do not allow the national catalan flag.