All the catalan radio amateurs reject the verdict of the Spain’s Supreme Court

All the catalan radio amateurs wish to express a strong protest and absolute rejection of the guilty verdict of the Catalan Political Prisoners announced today by the Spanish Supreme Court. The former parliament chairwoman, the former cabinet members and the activist leaders on October 1st 2017 (independence referendum day ), were charged and judged of non-existent crimes in a TV-broadcasted trial in which all the citizens could see the violation of their elementary rights.

It was a far-fetched trial: some members of the jury were promoted and influenced by parties that demonstrate on a daily basis Catalan-phobia. The private prosecution was carried out by a Francoist political party. There is a well-known and published cronyism at the Supreme Court members. There was lack of separation of powers. The investigating judge have no achievement enough for the position. There were plenty of falseness at the police reports as shown at video recordings. The prosecutor’s office didn’t search for the truth, the truly facts and justice but the punishment and cruelty by inventing crimes. There is a blind justice to the reports of specialized agencies in human rights of the UN and NGOs who demanded to liberate immediately the political prisoners who had been kept in pre-trial imprison for two years. In short, a real shame in the democratic Europe and a witch hunting instigated by Spanish King in his speech on October 3rd 2017.

We reject the court sentence. We do not comply with the jury verdict.

We denunciate and reject the persistent repression carried out by the powers of the state as well. Recently there were new citizens’ arbitrary arrests and imprisonments. They were charged according police reports based on false evidences and disrespectful their elementary rights. There is judicially altering the normal functioning of democratic institutions preventing the elected from gaining access to their position. There is Police harassing based on the national identity, political ideas and language. Elementary and civil rights, freedom of expression, right of assembly and right of protest are being criminalized.

We call on the entire radio amateur community to publicly show their absolute, most energetic and peaceful rejection of sentences. We call to defend the civil rights which the Spain mustn’t ban. We call to participate in the protests led by civil rights organizations.We call to report to the world via the radio amateur bands the injustices that Catalonia suffers caused by the horrible Spain.