New update. 1,883 radio amateurs have signed the petition to the ARRL to include Catalonia in the DXCC countries list

Today, 1,883 signatures have been reached from the radio amateurs asking the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) to add Catalonia in the DXCC countries list. To achieve the goal, we must continue to increase the number of requests. Those who haven’t signed can do it here: Sign the petition

The American Radio Relay League can not ignore the thousands of radio amateurs who have signed. For this reason, this petition can not be denied and the ARRL must add Catalonia to the DXCC countries/entities list today. Democracy always wins.

The criteria for admitting a country in the DXCC list are geographical but also political and ideological, although many radio amateurs always say that this group does not enter into political issues, arguing that it is not legal, which is totally false. In general, the islands are always different countries but belonging to the same state. Some examples: Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla and Canary Islands are three different countries but all belong to Spain. Scotland, England, Wales, Man, Northern Ireland and Jersey are six different countries but all belong to the United Kingdom.

What happens when a large number of people request that Catalonia must be included in the DXCC entities list? It’s very simple, the ARRL can not deny it.