Un català defensa la petició “Catalonia must be added in the DXCC countries list by the ARRL”

Un radioaficionat català defensa la petició iniciada a la plataforma change.org “Catalonia must be added in the DXCC countries list by the American Radio Relay League” responent en un conegut fòrum a diversos radioaficionats americans contraris al fet que Catalunya sigui inclosa a la llista de països del diploma DXCC. Alguns d’aquests radioaficionats americans ironitzen i es burlen de Catalunya, dels catalans i de la recollida de signatures que, a hores d’ara, ja n’ha recollit més de 1.900.

Us convidem a escriure en aquest fòrum defensant la petició que ja té el suport de la majoria de radioaficionats catalans.

WG7X said: I remember some years ago here in Washington state, a group from one of the local DX clubs decided to try to get a local tribe of native Americans (Puyallup Tribe) recognized as a separate DX entity. They did some politicizing, wrote petitions and stuff like that. Even did a “special event” with a cool call and everything! Did it work? Nope! Not a chance. If it had worked, then every reservation in the USA would have been DX! Sure would have made going to the casino a different experience!

Resposta: Catalonia is a nation of Europe (yes, a nation) with more of 1,000 years of history but is not an independent state. Many territories are DXCC countries like Scotland (United Kingdom), England (United Kingdom), Balearic Islands (Spain), Canary Islands (Spain), etc. but are not independent states. It is not necessary to be an independent state for to be a DXCC entity/country.

If the majority (51%) of catalan radio amateurs have voted in favor of this issue, they cannot be ignored. It is a question of democracy. Democracy always wins. The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) can not deny the request of thousands and thousands of catalan radio amateurs. Please, sign the petition.