The American Radio Relay League doesn’t listen the petition of the catalan radio amateurs

The DXCC diploma is managed by the American Relay League (ARRL), which refuses to include Catalonia in the DXCC countries/entities list, despite other territories that are not independent states such Scotland (United Kingdom), England (United Kingdom), Wales (United Kingdom), Man (United Kingdom), Balearic Islands (Spain), Canary Islands (Spain) are included in the DXCC list. If these territories are DXCC entities, Catalonia must also be an entity/country.

Due to the refusal of the ARRL, a campaign to collect signatures has been launched on to request the ARRL to recognize Catalonia as a DXCC entity/country.

Today 1,953 signatures have been collected. We invite all the catalan radio amateurs (4,683 in total) to sign the petition. The ARRL can not ignore the thousands of radio amateurs who voted for this request.